Monday, July 4, 2011

I suck at blogging

Monday, July 19, 2010

A lovely day out in Pasadena!

Took a trip to Old Town Pasadena, where adventure and hilarity ensued. Learned how to make soap...yes, really, spent time in a beautiful art and jewelry shop, sampled some delicious cupcakes and happened upon a wonderful art exhibit (unplanned MJ art sightings rock my world!) I met some wonderful arties named Jebtha and Alistair...perfect art guy names, right? They were taking down an exhibit and I poked my head in anyway and they invited me and Lee Anne in and actually unpacked a beautiful $75,000 piece by Monfils who was so moved my the work of Michael Jackson that he put all of his record collection into one piece. Literally, all of his records were carved into six paintings of his face. It was beautiful!! This was all after a random suggestion from the owner of the art and jewelry shop. Random! He didn't even know I was a fan. By the way, Lee Anne bought a WONDERFUL new ring...made from the inside of vintage watches. Amazing!

Lee Anne and I had lunch at delicious Sushi Roku, where we had my favorite dish...YELLOWTAIL CARPACCIO!! It is simply tantalizing. Then came the wonderful cupcakes at Dot's Cupcakes. Let me just say, the mint chocolate is to die for. Chocolate mini-cupcake with mint icing with crunchy chocolate balls on top. Muy delicioso. Then came the Soap Kitchen, an adorable little nook we happened upon where we met the store owner. We were asking her questions about the soap and she offered to take us on back to the kitchen and she showed us how to make soap. All I gotta say is she is getting a good Yelp review from me ;)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Really loving all this World Cup stuff. Such a sense of togetherness and patriotism! Viva world! Go USA! The above is one of my regular stomping spots in LA and it happens to have a fantastic World Cup it.

Going to a fabulous pub called Ye Olde King's Head in the morning for a 7am fest! Should be amazing to be there with a bunch of USA fans AND England fans. Woot!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Full Plate

After a mild and friendly scolding from a lovely soul, I've realized I should probably make it more of a habit to blog more...even if only 3 people read it ;)

It's been a long month or a good way!

There has been travel, business and leisure, weddings, songwriting, recording, and beautiful moments shared with the people I love the most...I don't mean to gloat, I just feel so lucky!

On the music front:
The song I co-wrote and recorded is finally mastered! Now, they have asked me to do a second song, which I am SO excited about. The first song is uptempo pop/ R&B. I really love it and loved everything about the process. It pushed me to challenge myself not only with writing, but with writing outside my comfort zone. This next one will be more soul and smooth...a chance for me to really get to the heart of things. I still feel so blessed with this opportunity and am loving every minute of it. I go into the studio this Thursday! I will post the songs as soon as I have them ready.

On the adventures in travel front:
May started out with a bang. The Nick came out to LA and we drove to Vegas for the weekend as per my boss's invitation to celebrate her boyfriend's birthday. It was also a good excuse for me to celebrate my birthday...again. I like to draw it out. Self indulgent? Nah. It was a check-in I was told I had a gift at the concierge...Mandy had gotten me a HUGE fruit sweet. Anyway, it was Vegas and it was amazing. Mandy's brother-in-law treated the whole group (about 16 of us!) to bottle service at one of the clubs. I will say this, I am not a big clubber, but if I were...that is the way to do it! Don't get me wrong, I will cut..a..rug just a bout anywhere...the club scene in LA can just be really expensive and lame, so I'd rather just dance wherever I am, be it at a bar, club, or my kitchen. Yep...that happens.

The next weekend I went up to Indianapolis with Mandy for 5 days, which was amazing. Her business partner and good friend lives up there and we went up to visit. I got to go to the practice week for the Indy 500! FUN!

The day after I got back, I flew to Birmingham for the 2010 WEDDING EXTRAVAGANZA! Nick was able to be in bammy at the same time as me so that is NEVER a bad thing ;) I, of course, got almost no sleep...I get way to excited about seeing so many people I love...I'll sleep when I'm dead. Nick's sister got married--which was so lovely!! Then the next weekend, I had the estute honor of being Mary Kathryn's maid of honor. I've said it once and I will say it was one of the most amazing evenings I've ever witnessed or been a part of. Speaking of cutting rugs...I don't think I've ever danced my face off as much as I did at that wedding. GEEZ! Amazing!! Congratulations, Wilkersons and Papaioannous!

Once I got back, I was about over trains, planes and automobiles. I had one more plane to catch and it was to Austin to see Nick before he deployed. So worth the say the least! We had a very special weekend, but I won't get into all of it, but if I had to sum it up: gratitude, fun, special, poignant.
...also, we had to air conditioning in the car in the middle of Texas in June. Pretty gross. Also, no music, so we sang to each was pretty in so many ways.

Mandy was gone to South Africa for 2 whole weeks in which I had plenty of time to work on this new song. I also had lots of time to spend too much money, eat too much, and have too much fun ;) I have found that where I live by frolicking around with friends and living in the moment, no matter what that moment is, I vastly prefer having a full plate. That is what made the 2 weeks really experiencing LA in a different way so wonderful.

This past month has been a whirlwind...but I am learning every day...learning who I am, who I want to be, and just how important it is to really appreciate what we've got...from my favorite little green corner in the middle of a huge city, to conversations with good friends, to tasting my favorite beer and burger, I prefer a full plate. And damn it, I will savor every last bit of it.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Time to get on the saddle again...

As well you may have noticed, I haven't been diligent in my blogging as of late. Where I have had a lot going on (which may have contributed to the lack of blogging), I now feel inclined to share.

First I want to say this: blogs can become quite self-indulgent. And where it may seem that this is just me sitting here applauding myself. Its not...its a means of therapy, and a way for my family and friends to see what I'm up to. Life intervenes sometimes and we can't all be as in touch as we'd like. Just a thought...

A few months ago I went through a bit of a bump. I was very much in a "Where am I? who am I?who do I want to be? kind of place. I wasn't sure, for a while there. Where I wasn't "depressed" or anything like that, something wasn't quite right. I needed a change. I had discovered inspiration in many things, mainly revolving around music. I knew this meant something. When I talked about music, I was heart would beat a little quicker, and I felt fed. That was just TALKING about it. I was also finding the importance of quiet time, prayer, and meditation. Now, I'd never be's more of a spiritual calmness that I have in which I have found serious value for myself. One day, I was just like "WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO?!"...the next day, an opportunity came. I met a songwriter who I soon auditioned for, and am now working with her on some original songs to be a demo singer for. Apparently, somebody up there thinks I should be singing. I would have to agree. I realized that I wasn't using something that I had been given. Silly, right?

So, I decided to take voice lessons. I take from a FABULOUS woman here in LA who has inspired me in many ways. Her balance of technique and connection to feeling and the soul is perfect. The voice is connected to everryyyything in the body, by the way. Ladies, by doing a certain hummm we can get rid of cramps...just so you know. ;) Back on track...long story short, I love it and her. I feel more fed and more alive when I am singing...a sign that I'm doing something right for myself? Methinks. Where I have never and will never abandon my love for acting, I now know that we have to use what we've got to our advantage. If you are really hilarious and great and comedy, would you only focus on soap operas? Its not that you shouldn't exercise those muscles, but in order to get into entertainment, I have learned that you first have to identify your forte and go for it. That is exactly what I am aspiring to do here. It just turns out that I have realized that my dream my entire life has been to sing and hopefully touch people with my voice. Then, I will be able to open more doors to do more things I love, like acting!

Last week, I submitted myself for an audition for an artist development agency. What's that, you might ask? Basically, I have been putting myself out there for anything and everything I can sing for. An artist development agency takes on new artists and helps "develop" an image, sound, and following for that artist. I had the audition on Friday, and got the call on Saturday that I had made it. They chose a couple artists from the pack and I was lucky enough to be one of them. Needless to say, I am ecstatic.

I also had my first gig in LA last week. I sang with a jazz band. It was very exciting. Therapeutic. I'm happy.

Personally, things couldn't be better. I am very blessed with loving family, friends, and a wonderfully supportive boyfriend. I am constantly striving to be better, live better, and to be more aware of the good things in life. I've learned a lot. I'm loving it.

If you have taken the time to read this, thank you. If big ;)

I send my love out!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

New attitude...

After a lot of soul-searching, thinking about my career, my personal life, my personal goals and dreams, as well as what I want to use whatever success I come upon in my career for, among many other things, I am feeling ease, yet plunging ahead to fulfill my dreams and my purpose for being here...yes here, on Earth. Sounds big, huh? Well, it is. And I have found it to be so important for us humans to take a moment to evaluate our lives and who we want to be, what we want to achieve, and how we can best use the gifts we have been given in life.
There are amazing things all around me. Wonderful artists, opportunity, nature...everything seems to be right here. And it is...I feel as if I am exactly where I am supposed to be. In Los Angeles, California. I needed to write that out, because it is easy to overlook how incredibly fortunate I am to be able to pursue my dreams with the support of people who love me. Now, the purpose of this blog is not for me to pat myself on the back...just to get it all out ;) A couple of months ago, I had a tough a good way. Oxymoron? naaaah...its how I go through things. I have learned that about myself over the years. Its like a hard workout session. I'm running uphill, so hard, and it hurts...but then at the end it pays off and becomes a very positive thing for me. It feels so good. So, from time to time, I really take a look at myself and what I want to make better. At this point, I am feeling very ready. Ready to sing. Ready to act. Ready to use the gifts I have been blessed with to the fullest.

My first year in retrospective:
**I moved into an apartment by myself and was able to get a job to support.
**I have spent the first year here in LA getting on sets doing extra work, or background, which is such a good first step, I think. I still do it from time to time, because I think it is fun! Some people here don't like it, but it can be looked at as a great learning experience...and a way to get some extra cash. One of the highlights of my extra work days so far was when I was able to be on my favorite show's set for several days: Glee. It is my goal-show, for sure! So it was cool to see how it works.
**I've also been in an AMAZING acting class for six months. The support that circulates through that room is wonderful. It is a major part of my week, and I have developed some true friendships as well as contacts from it. I feel myself improving every week, which is saying something! Not every class hits home with people...I got really lucky. :)
**Auditions have become a more regular thing: which I am so excited about! Commercials, a feature produced by the American History X team, and pilots and webisodes. Every single one is a learning experience, no matter what. I actually LIKE to audition now! Pshh, never thought I'd say that.
**Independent feature supporting role in August of this year. A great learning experience.
**Casting director workshops--so helpful, in my opinion.
**Made a commitment to volunteering at Children's Hospital a few hours a week :)

What's next:
I have decided to cut a vocal demo to put in my package. After a lot of prayer and meditation, I found that music is so supplementary to my life. My voice has been warming up for this my entire life...and, like I said before, my goal would be to be on a show like Glee...where I can implement my two loves: singing and acting, and tap into my show-choir love!!!
I have been working my ass off at the gym and have been eating better to just become healthier in general.
At the beginning of the year, I will be putting together my reel so I can have that for agents and managers. Its time. I am going to go ahead and pay for it myself and have friends and director contacts for good cameras.
So, 2009 was a learning many many ways. I've learned a lot about myself, who I am, who I want to be, and how to best use my abilities in singing and acting. Now its goes...

Sending love, as always.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Its finally freezing (drr..well, it's cold)

Ahh, just when I begin to think I live in a weather-wise abyss of perfection, it rains! And it's cold! And there is snow on the mountains in the distance! I live on Earth! Now, one might ask: why wouldn't you want sunny 70 degree weather every day?? My answer is this: everything in moderation. I like to feel the seasons from time to time, and where I am so grateful for the sunny California weather that sets in nine months out of the year, I do enjoy my 4 days of rain per year and right about now, I love bundling up in my sweats. Feels like snuggly home.

I worked my ass off today. Pshh, well, I've been busting it every day it seems lately. Which is an amazing feeling. I don't thrive well off of a scant plate. I find if I am listening to good music, I can do just about anything. Music=invincibility.

Currently on my playlist: Anything Michael Jackson. Gah! What a man...

I've got a casting director workshop tonight, which at its end next week I will be auditioning for three different commercial casting agencies. I've got an audition tomorrow for a webisode series. Yay! And I am, of course, trying to be more active. This town just does that to people...its kinda awesome.

Loving life, pretty much.

Countdown to flying to Birmingham for holidays: 13 days. woot woot!

So much love,